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bogmug | Does coffee taste different? Does coffee taste different? – bogmug

I have been wondering weather the same coffe tastes different in cups made of diffrent materials. So I decided to find out. 

No doubt that human (or barista’s) touch can make a big difference how coffee tastes – I experienced this myself some years ago in a small north italian restaurant. Two men worked there, one was probably the owner. We ordered two  cappucinos with maybe 10 minutes interval and by chance one man made the first one and the other one the second. The same machine and cups, same beans and probably the same milk. Yes, they looked a little different – the first one had better foam, but the second one was very ok too. Surprisingly the coffees tasted notably different: one was just a very good coffee while the other one was perfect. And this was not just me, my wife agreed on this. 

Anyway, since then I have been paying attenttion how little things can change you coffee experience and as a mug maker I would like to know how coffee tastes in different mugs. 

To keep it simple I decided to use one Bogmug, one so called clay cup and one cardboard cup from a well known gas station cafe.  The drink was a cappucino made with manual coffee machine, the beans good quality espresso ones. And milk from estonian cows. 

We made one double portion of espresso and divided into 3 equal parts, then added steam foamed milk. So quite similar conditions I think. And started to test, me and my wife. 

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