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bogmug | Designing outdoor mug Designing outdoor mug – bogmug

Despite its appearance the Original Bogmug cup is made to be used indoors: home, office or somewhere else, where you have a flat surface to rest the cup on.   


A couple of months ago a photographer friend of mine Argo ( told me that he has been using the wooden cup outdoors and it is difficult to hang it to his backpack. It would be nice, if  the cup had some kind of a carabine hook. Argo even drew a couple of mug sketches with hooks made of wood. 


So I played around with the idea and decided to design a new cup with the following features: 

  • possible to hang to your backpak in a manner it won’t get lost 
  • stronger and beefier than Original Bogmug 
  • made of wood and stainless steel  
  • can be hold securely 
  • must float on water for boat use 

The most difficult part was the hangig issue. First I tried to design a wooden carabine hook, but soon I dropped this (at least for now): the wooden hook was either too weak, too clumsy or too complicated to make. Next I thought about using a metal hook – I have seen metal cups with screwed hooks for handle. This option looked cheap and the hook did not match the wooden cup at all. 

Not so happy about the result I returned to my favourite wooden cup – finnish kuksa. The saami people used kuksas outdoors and they had attached leather straps to them. Maybe not the fanciest, but works for sure. So my outdoor cup has a strap too. As for material I decided to use a piece of thin climbing rope.  

The last thing was to attach the strap to the right place. Binding it to cup’s handle seemed too easy and I decided to redesign the whole handle. Made a separate hole with metal insert for strap in the lower part of handle – this way the cup hangs upside down. Upside down is good for drying the mug and unwanted rain or dust does not get inside. Plus the strap is in the right place if you want to put your hand through it to prevent dropping. I have seen coffee cup being dropped to sea from a ship. 

Next I will have the cup tested by a professional hiking guide and then it should hopefully be ready.  

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