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Estonia is a Northern land of forests and bogs and for timeless times wood has been the most used material by Estonians. Since I saw the first kuksa (birch cup of North Scandinavia) decades ago in Finland, I have wanted to create a mug that looks as good as handicraft from Lapland, but is practical enough for everyday use. Modern woodworking knowledge and materials have allowed us to design probably one of the best tea and coffee cups you can own.

Bogmug keeps drinks warmer and does not break as easily as ceramic cups plus you just can’t copy the beauty of real wood.

Bogmugs are handcrafted in Estonia.

Taking care of you Bogmug 

Bogmug main material is natural hardwood. The interior is made of food grade stainless steel. Stainless steel is very durable material and does not require any special treatment. Natural wood on the other hand is quite touchy – if mistreated it can crack and lose its appearance easily. 

In Bogmugs we have treated the wooden part with special food grade sealants and oils. The treatment makes mugs durable to moisture and dirt – untreated wood soaks and absorbs dirt very easily. But natural wood remains natural wood and thus you have to take care of it: 

First: never wash your Bogmug in dishwasher! If this happens, let the mug cool down in washer , dry it with cloth or paper and then put it in a paper bag to dry for a couple of days. The problem is that in dishwasher hot steamed water can ruin the finish and penetrate into wood. After drying treat the Bogmug with oil (see below). 

Second: wash your Bogmug by hand with warm water and soap. Mild dishwashing liquids can be used too, the thumb rule is that if the washing liquid is not harmful to your hands, it can be used to wash Bogmug too. Do not use solvents or abrasives of any kind. 

Third: Bogmugs are treated with finishes containing natural oils and waxes and with age the finish wears. The cup becomes a little dull and faded. This does not harm your Bogmug as the finishing oils have soaked into wood, but it is good idea to restore cups original appearance and protect it with oil. 

Serious cleansing: the most common is lipstick. First try to remove the marks with a little alcohol – wet a clean patch and rub off lightly. After that treat with oil. If the mark is still there, it’s a good idea to send the cup back to us for restoring. We do it for free, you have to pay only for shipping. 

Treating with oil. As mentioned, it’s good to treat your Bogmug with oil from time to time. Too much is not good either, right time is when your mug has faded and does not shine as new. Mug must be dry – to insure, do not use it for 12 hours before treating. The only oils that you can use, are the oils meant to treat wood tabletops that are in contact with food. Shortly only food grade oils can be used. Second, the oil you use must be dry in 24 hours latest. Slow drying oils as for example linseed oil, should be avoided. Apply a THIN layer of oil with clean patch. Wipe off all oil that has not soaked into wood after 5-10 minutes. You can repeat if necessary. Clean off all the oil on the sealant between wood and stainless insert. Let the oil dry thoroughly before using.